Tenants reviews

  • "Our operating costs have significantly decreased after we moved our site to the territory of Gima Szolnok Industrial Park!"

  • "The modern and innovative services provided by Gima Szolnok Industrial Park Ltd. contributed a lot to our improved competitiveness."

  • "After we moved in, we achieved a significant increase in our capacities."

  • "Thanks to the renewable energy sources used in Gima Szolnok Industrial Park, our daily operation has become more cost- and energy efficient."

  • "We made our decision to move in primarily because of the outstandingly favourable terms and conditions offered by the Park."

Tender Developement

  • Stage I of the ,Gima Szolnok Industrial Logistics Park Infrastructure, Entrepreneur House development project"
  • Stage II of "GIMA Szolnok Industrial Park Infrastructure, IT Service Centre and Entrepreneur House" project"
  • Stage III of "A GIMA Szolnok Industrial Park Ltd Entrepreneur House Development Project"

Areas presently offered

    Industrial areas are available for sale, or for long-term lease. The price of the improved sites is evolved by the current market prices. In case of specific requirement, please feel free to contact us. In the selling price, the connection opportunity to the public utilities, outside the site, next to the site border, is included.

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